Caught Between the Devil and the Deep Orange Sea


Caught Between the Devil and the Deep Orange Sea

I read the news today, oh boy

About a preppy man who’ll make US great

The exercise of Democracy at its best

It’s just starting to sink in…and stink out

The revolving-door game is on

Lining up the usual suspects to their IOUs

The changing of the blackGuards

Those new but not so new old faces

The more things change

The more they remain the same

Cause the Devil is in the details

We’ve become immune, nothing can shock us

As we sit tight, info-tainment will rock us

Some of us scream holy fervor

While others get sprayed with mace

Four more years of Nation trashing

And no signs of hoped-for-change

The pot is calling the kettle black

It’s the tail side of the coin that’s up

We’ll be tempted with a little tail

But they’re the ones that’ll get a-head

The zero sum game that they play

Orange you glad they’re here to stay

In the Fairy Tale land of Democracy

The kind that’s ripe for export

And boy, We’d love to turn you on!

© Alan B. Nagy

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