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Our Mission:  A Community to Share & Promote New Agnostic Ideas, Culture, Philosophies & Concerns!

I launched this blog in the summer of 2015. I don’t consider myself a writer by any stretch of the imagination. This is very difficult especially since I have so much to say but don’t feel I have the skill to communicate it in a creative and engaging way – but I must try and try I will. Finding the style to communicate my very thoughts, perceptions, beliefs etc., all that activity that goes on in my mind is easy once I feel “the sense of urgency, commitment and motivation”. “What’s important is not how one writes things but how important are the things one wants to write about”. So please indulge me.

Violent strains of fanaticism and apocalyptic aggression in tiny subcultures of the world’s major religions indoctrinate our children and raise the temperature of prejudice and bigotry, leaving no tolerance for intermediate positions. While aggressive apocalyptic crusaders and fundamentalists of all persuasions are attempting to speed up salvation’s coming; should we just sit back while the world is brought to its knees by the ongoing conflicts between these world religions? Patriarchy, theocracy, and fundamentalism in the form of theocratic or clerical neo-fascism are so toxic to democracy and secular society in our world today; should we shrug our shoulders and allow fanatics the possibility of bringing destruction upon the rest of us?

What are we to do, individually and as a whole?

People like Raimon Panikkar challenge us to live life through good works, in peace, love and harmony with others. He once said that “It is difficult to make the world believe that black is white, that in order to affirm public peace one has to take up arms which destroy it and that for the good of the world one has to break all the sacred bonds of and between humans.

“The New Agnostics” is a movement that resonates with this core belief.

Unlike the popular movements that spurred FDR to implement the New Deal in the 30s, there’s been talk lately of why isn’t there enough done to help rectify some of the problems that we common folks face in our multitudes of lives. Well the answer is lack of organization, lack of connectedness, lack of guidance, we are lost in our own worlds having to worry about our own survival let alone worry about what others are facing, or saying.

This is why, I decided that enough is enough by starting this blog/movement. It has done a world of good for me and I urge all of you to take some  initiative and try to help your world in your own little way, goodness knows how much it needs it.

The first Agnostic

anybody-out-there-2Thomas Henry Huxley, an English biologist, coined the word “agnostic” in 1869, he describes how he came to originate the term as follows: “When I reached intellectual maturity, and began to ask myself whether I was an atheist, a theist, or a pantheist; a materialist or an idealist; a Christian or a freethinker, I found that the more I learned and reflected, the less ready was the answer; until at last I came to the conclusion that I had neither art nor part with any of these denominations, except the last. The one thing in which most of these good people were agreed was the one thing in which I differed from them. They were quite sure that they had attained a certain “gnosis”–had more or less successfully solved the problem of existence; while I was quite sure I had not, and had a pretty strong conviction that the problem was insoluble. And, with Hume and Kant on my side, I could not think myself presumptuous in holding fast by that opinion.”

What Is Agnosticism?

Refraining from commitment to any religious doctrine, agnosticism is a body of teachings, instructions, taught principles and positions.
Agnostics do not deny the existence of God, instead, they hold:

  • that it impossible to know anything about God,
  • that the existence of anything beyond and behind material phenomena (the essential nature of things) is unknown and unknowable,
  • that proof of God’s existence can neither be affirmed nor denied through empirical or logical means,
  • that it’s intellectually indefensible to make a strong assertion one way or another,
  • that natural laws determine how the universe plays out, and
  • that it is important to have a strict adherence to scientific principles.

Our Logo

TNA-logo-200aThere are three figures appearing in the logo, the BLACK and WHITE figures represent any two opposing facets of human struggle such as; believers and non-believers, the rich and the poor, aligned versus non-aligned nations, opposing sects of a same faith.  Raimon Panikkar, captures this dynamic very poetically in his quote above. The Red figure symbolizes “Adam”, a general term that refers to the whole of humankind, and is linked to its triliteral root (a-d-m), meaning “RED”. Its earliest known use as a genuine name in historicity is “Adamu”, as recorded in ancient northern Mesopotamian with information added from recent archaeological findings. The Red figure also represents the guiding spirit of “The New Agnostics”, those bridging the gap between those warring sects, factions, groups, parties or cliques that see everything in Black and White!

Please Help If you Can: We cannot do it Alone!

The New Agnostics is an open forum dedicated to facilitating a positive, non-confrontational and enriching exchange of information, ideas and opinions between individuals regardless of their creed, political affiliations, nationality, economic and cultural backgrounds. We believe that by promoting fair and candid discussions on the most pressing issues we all face today be they religious, cultural, political, economic or environmental we can  help change the world for the better in the spirit of communality, reciprocation, co-existence and respect.

We hope to build the site with your input, so please bookmark our site and check back for additional content. We welcome inquiries to join our efforts and for writing opportunities, please feel free to contact us with comments, suggestions, and other requests or if you wish to donate some of your time to our cause.

Alan. B. Nagy – Facilitator, The New Agnostics
Cartoon Courtesy of The Economist – KAL’s Cartoon This Week

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